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Eight hundred years ago, traders from Indonesia came to Australia. True The British were the first Europeans to show a knowledge of Australia. False The Dutch were very interested in establishing a colony in Australia because they believed it to be a valuable source of raw materials. False William Dampier was the first Englishman to visit Australia. True James Cook sailed the Endeavour into the Bay of Gamay, which was the land of the Eora and Dharawal people. True Terra Nullius - means 'Land Belonging to no-one.' This meant that Captain Cook could lawfully claim Australia as Britain's because there were no houses or farming.  The Mungo woman and Mungo man were found buried by their tribe. Mungo women was cremated and her bones were crushed, but all of Mungo mans bones were completely intact. Historians and scientists have studied them for years and it is believed that Mungo woman was one of the first cremations. For essay - Evaluate = Make a judgement

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