international relations in 20th century:part 1


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peace and war in europe, 1920-45

paris peace conference

conference held after britian,usa and france bet germany,austria-hungary in ww1 president wilson: usa,wanted germany to be treated fairly and suggested league of nations to keep peace david lloyd george:prime minister of britian,wanted harsh terms on germany president clemenceau:france(nickname,the tiger),wanted revenge on germany and wanted them weak

treaty of versailles

treaty of versailles was made with germany: Rhineland was demilitarised Germany lost polish corridor to poland union with austria(anschluss) forbidden german army cut down to 100,000 soilders germany had to accept the War Guilt they had to pay compensation of germany had to sign this, but they were not happy to do so

league of nations

set up to maintain pece between countries headquarters-geneva assembly and councils held where decisions had to be unanimous league resolved small disputs but could not stop bigger countries doing what they wanted japan invaded china italy invaded abyssinia(ethiopia) hitler and germant broke terms of the treaty

reasons for failure: no army-used boycotts or sanctions to force countries to follow decisions council and assembly had to be unaminous most powerful countries were not in it (usa)

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