Tourism 1


GCSE Tourism Unit Year 11 Spec B
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Tourism 1
    1. International Tourism-Holiday/visit away from own country
      1. Sustainable Tourism-Aims to protect the environment as well as respecting local cultures and customs
        1. Physical
          1. The Green Bridge of Wales - Natural rock, once was a cave in which the sea water eroded away leaving the outline of the entrance
            1. Fresh Water West - One of the top attractions at Pembrokeshire for its surfing at the South Westerly Winds area as it's a great place for surfing. Also, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Par 1 was partly filmed there
              1. Preseli Hills - They are found in the North of Pembrokeshire it attracts adults and children as you are able to walk up them
              2. Human
                1. Bluestone - Holiday Resort with log cabins near Oakwood, however very expensive
                  1. Oakwood - Theme Park in Narbeth. Biggest in Wales and was a farm but expanded into a coaster park
                    1. St. Davids - Smallest City in the UK, as it has a Cathedral, it's classed as a city
                  2. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is situated in the south west of Wales on the coast. It is a national park that goes through Tenby and Saunders Foot. It gets south westerly winds meaning it gets windy, therefore making it one of the best places in Britain for surfers
                    1. Accessibility
                      1. Very accessible. M4 is close by, therefore easily accessed from England. Also only 1 and a half hours away from Swansea.
                    2. ***THE COSTA DEL SOL***
                      1. South of Spain along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The main airport is Malaga attracting the most tourists. It is a very popular holiday destination as its very accessible, only 2 hour flight from UK, meaning cheap flights!
                        1. Human
                          1. -Marbella (Nightlife). -Torremelinos (Hotels, services, 1960's). -Malaga Airport. -Puerto Banus Marina
                          2. Physical
                            1. -Weather (Mediterranean Climate:hot summers, mild winters) (Av. temp 30'c). -Sierra Blanca. -The Gibraltar Rock
                        2. HOW TOURISM IS CHANGING
                          1. Transport more accessible: cheap flights, more airports built, long haul flights
                            1. Technology advanced: book flights online, compare using comparable websites
                              1. Different types of holidays: family, adults, young, school/educational
                                1. TV travel programmes raised peoples expectations
                                  1. Cheap flights, and package deals which are cheaper
                                  2. ***BLACKPOOL***
                                    1. Location: Northwest of England. Popular as Manchester and Liverpool only hour and a half away. County of Lancashire and airport near by
                                      1. Human
                                        1. -Blackpool tower -Blackpool zoo -Pleasure beach roller coaster -Illuminations -Blackpool Pier -Pepsi Max Coaster
                                        2. Physical
                                          1. -Beach -Location (near Manchester & Liverpool)
                                        3. Info: Blackpool became popular for tourists as it's very accessible. 1846, railway was built, peoples wages increases meaning they were able to go on holidays more. 1850's, people believed in healing waters in Blackpool. 1870's people were able to work 5 days a week, meaning holidays on weekend. 1894, Blackpool tower was built. Blackpool has decreased in tourists lately as short haul flights are so cheap. £300m was spent rejuvenating Blackpool in 2000. They built a super casino, however attracted the wrong type of tourists. Brilliance lighting at night in town. John's Square. Houndshill Shopping Centre and the beach also.
                                        4. BUTLER'S MODEL
                                          1. 1. Exploration - Small number of tourists visit area
                                            1. 2. Involvement - Local people are starting to become involved with it and provide some services/facilities (e.g cafe/ picnic area)
                                              1. 3. Development - Changes for the better. The area becomes recognised as a tourist destination
                                                1. 4. Consolidation - The area is attracting many tourists but it's not growing as fast as it did before and levelling out
                                                  1. 5. Stagnation - The facilities decline as they become old and run down. Tourists number declines
                                                    1. 6. Rejuvenation - Money spent in the area so tourist numbers increase
                                                      1. 6. Decline - If the resort is not rejuvenated then it will go into decline, people loose jobs and image suffers
                                                      2. IMPACTS OF TOURISM
                                                        1. Benefits
                                                          1. Tourists spend money in the local area (shops, restaurants, hotels). Creates jobs (hotel, chef, staff, maid). Community benefits from facilities. Multiplier effect - improved image, more people, more money, more facilities. More culture meaning more tolerence
                                                          2. Costs
                                                            1. Pollution by cars. Litter. Traffic/Congestion. Noise from drunken. Pickpocketing and crime. Loss of culture (McDonalds near Pyramids of Egypt). Money leaked back to other countries through imports.
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