Characteristics of Student Centered Learning


Mind Map of Characteristics of Student Centered Learning
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Characteristics of Student Centered Learning
  1. Roles of a Teacher
    1. Use strategies to engage students in learning.
      1. Implements strategies for differentiating instruction.
        1. Use co-operative learning strategies.
          1. Use student's previous knowledge to make instruction meaningful
          2. Role of a Student
            1. Become active participants
              1. Being Interactive
                1. Becoming critical thinkers.
                  1. Becoming responsible for learning.
                    1. Being constructive learners.
                    2. How Learning Occurs.
                      1. Internalization and useage of techniques by the student to solve problems presented
                        1. Through classroom observation
                          1. Through understanding of the concepts
                          2. Teaching Strategies.
                            1. Technology/Multimedia.
                              1. Small group discussions
                                1. Interactive activities.
                                  1. Random selection of students to answer questions
                                  2. Benefits of the Approach
                                    1. Students are able to retain more material for a prolonged period of time.
                                      1. Creativity is further enhanced, thus making them more engaged ans focus.
                                        1. Students gain a higher level of motivation toward learning.
                                          1. They would gain confidence in themselves as they are now responsible for their own success.
                                            1. Lessons will be created with each student in mind.
                                            2. How TheStudent Approach Differs from the Teacher Centered Approach.
                                              1. Student Centered Approach
                                                1. Independent work.
                                                  1. They work in pairs, groups or alone.
                                                    1. Instructor models
                                                      1. Differntiated learning environment
                                                        1. Goal is deeper understanding
                                                        2. Teacher Centered Approach
                                                          1. Direct interaction.
                                                            1. Lecture style.
                                                              1. Instructor talks.
                                                                1. Students work alone.
                                                                  1. Goal is the correct answer
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