Chapter 1: The Noble Features of Rasulullah s.a.w


Revision notes on the characteristics of Rasulullah saw from the first chapter of Shama'il Tirmidhi.
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Chapter 1: The Noble Features of Rasulullah s.a.w
  1. Height
    1. Neither tall, nor short
      1. Medium stature
        1. Appeared to be the tallest when standing in a group
          1. Mu'jizah (miracle) to show no one had reached his high status
        2. Complexion
          1. Neither very white like lime, nor dark
            1. Nor brown, which would result in darkness
              1. Illuminant, more luminous than the full moon
                1. Very handsome
                  1. Wheat-coloured
                    1. White, with redness in it
                    2. Hair
                      1. Neither straight, nor curly
                        1. Slightly wavy
                          1. Not more than twenty white hair on head and beard at the time of passing
                            1. Dense hair which reached his earlobes
                              1. Long hair which reached his shoulders
                              2. Thin line of hair from chest to navel
                                1. There was no more hair than normal on his body
                                2. Dress
                                  1. Red striped lungi and shawl
                                    1. Red clothing
                                    2. Walk
                                      1. Leaned forward slightly
                                        1. Appeared as if he was descending from a high place to a low-lying place
                                          1. Lifted his legs with vigour
                                          2. Age
                                            1. Prophethood at 40
                                              1. Passed away at 63
                                              2. Physique
                                                1. Medium build
                                                  1. Broad shoulders
                                                    1. Portion between two shoulders was wide and fully fleshed
                                                      1. Seal of Prophethood between his shoulders
                                                    2. Wide chest
                                                      1. Large head
                                                        1. Joints of the bones were large
                                                          1. Soles of both feet - fully fleshed
                                                            1. Praisworthy quality in a man as it shows strength/courage
                                                            2. Not fully round, nor elongated face
                                                              1. Extremely black eyes
                                                                1. Long lashes
                                                              2. Fully fleshed hands
                                                              3. Addressing others
                                                                1. When addressing somebody, he turned his wholle body to face them.


                                                                  • Turning the face only can be considered impolite and also denotes pride.
                                                                  1. Faced the person with his chest and body
                                                                    1. Did not give a sideglance
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