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4 Christian beliefs about life after death 1. Heaven and hell 2. Everyone is judged at the end of time by God 3. Resurrection 4. Immortality of the soul
5 ways Christians may respond to belief of afterlife in their current lives 1. Confession 2. Prayer 3. Helping others 4. Putting Christian teachings into action 5. Dedicating their lives to God
4 Islamic beliefs about life after death 1. Heaven and hell after Judgement (akhirah) 2. The soul will be questioned by angels to determine comfort of existence until Day of Judgement 3. Judged at end of time by Allah 4. Resurrection on Judgement Day
4 non-religious beliefs about life after death 1. Life after death is logically impossible 2. No scientific evidence for life after death 3. Near death experiences and hallucinations suggest life after death 4. Paranormal activity - mediums who contact the dead therefore life after death true
4 non-religious arguments for abortion 1. Women should have the right to choose - their body 2. In cases of rape, should be allowed 3. Kinder to allow abortion if child severely disabled 4. Babies have right to be loved and woman cannot always provide
4 non-religious arguments against abortion 1. Life begins at conception 2. An embryo has the potential to be a human and has a right to life 3. Disabled children have a right to life 4. Adoption is an alternative
4 Christians arguments for abortion 1. Jesus taught about compassion towards others 2. We cannot be sure life begins at conception 3. Lesser of two evils if child disabled 4. Medical technology allows us to identify problems - we should use what God has given us
4 Christian arguments against abortion 1. Abortion viewed as murder 2. Sanctity of life 3. God has a plan for every human 4. All life has value even if child is disabled
4 Muslim arguments for abortion 1. Allowed in cases of rape or incest 2. Allowed if mother is in danger as mother's life is established 3. Allowed before ensoulment as baby not as important as mother before 120 days 4. Muslim women should be able to choose what happens to their body
4 Muslim arguments against abortion 1. Family is the most important thing in Islam 2. Sanctity of life - shirk (would be a sin to act like God) 3. After ensoulment, foetus has equal rights as mother 4. On Judgement Day, a mother will have to explain to unborn why it was aborted
4 non-religious arguments for euthanasia 1. Allows patient to die a gentle, pain free death 2. Saves medical costs 3. Patients die with dignity 4. Medical staff can focus on patients with more chance of recovery
4 non-religious arguments against euthanasia 1. Legalising euthanasia may legalise other things and make life less valuable 2. People may be pressurised into choosing euthanasia 3. Doctors could be wrong about diagnosis 4. If person properly cared for then euthanasia not needed
4 Christian arguments against euthanasia 1. Goes against sanctity of life 2. It is seen as murder 3. Life is valuable 4. Jesus suffered on the cross and we should learn from his example
4 religious arguments for euthanasia 1. Everyone should have a good quality of life and if this is not the case, then euthanasia should be allowed 2. It is the lesser of two evils 3. It is a religious duty to love and prevent suffering 4. Not allowing euthanasia is taking away free will
4 Muslim argument against euthanasia 1. Sanctity of life 2. Suffering is a test of faith and is part of life 3. Humans should not interfere in Allah's plans 4. Seen as suicide which is not permitted
2 reasons for and 2 reasons against the media criticising religious views about life after death For: 1. Religious views may be wrong or out of date 2. It is important to debate views as they are constantly changing Against: 1. Religious views should be respected as they are ancient 2. They are based on traditional teachings and the media should not criticise this
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