SMART targets


GCSE PE Mind Map on SMART targets, created by Ben Kidner on 28/03/2015.
Ben Kidner
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Ben Kidner
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SMART targets
  1. Specific
    1. Goal must be clear
      1. Example: To reduce the number of unenforced errors in my passing from the centre third in Netball
      2. Measurable
        1. It must be something you can measure
          1. Example: To run 10k 3 seconds faster than my best
          2. Achievable
            1. It is possible for the performer to complete
              1. Example: Currently run 100m in 14.30 My goal is to run it in 14.20
              2. Realistic
                1. Possible given all the factors involved
                  1. Example: My javelin PB is 35m but because of my injury my season target is 30m
                  2. Time-Bound
                    1. Must be assigned a time frame
                      1. Example: My goals is to run 200m in 25 seconds by the 4th of July this year
                      2. Benefits of target setting
                        1. Increased motivation and determination
                          1. Builds self confidence
                            1. Easy to monitor progess
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