Reducing Risk in Sport


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Reducing Risk in Sport
  1. Personal Measures
    1. Wear the Correct Clothing
      1. Reduces risk by attempting to preventing injuries from impact in particular.
        1. e.g. Shin pads are used to reduce the risk of fracturing the shins in football and hockey.
        2. Warm Up
          1. Reduces risk by preventing injuries as the sportsperson's body would not be ready for exercise.
          2. Allow Recovery Time
            1. Reduces risk by preventing overuse injuries such as stress fractures.
            2. Apply the Game's Rules Correctly
              1. Reduces risk by preventing performers from causing damage to themselves or others.
                1. e.g. Illegal use of the boot is forbidden in rugby, meaning that players are not allowed to stamp on or kick one another.
                2. Complete a PAR-Q
                  1. Reduces risk by enabling sportspeople to limit their participation based on identified health risks.
                3. Other Measures
                  1. Balance the Competition
                    1. Reduces risk by preventing players from injuring one another due to their physical differences..
                      1. Achieved by matching age, ability, gender and weight.
                      2. Check the Equipment
                        1. Reduces risk by ensuring that the performers are not harmed by faulty equipment or lack of protection.
                          1. e.g. Post protectors around rugby posts will reduce the impact of a collision between player and post.
                          2. Check the Facilities
                            1. Reduces risk by ensuring that the environment is safe for the sport taking place and will not harm participants.
                              1. e.g. Removing dog poo from the pitch.
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