Religious Expression


Religious Expression
Dhanil Capil
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Religious Expression
  1. Symbols
    1. Chrisitianity
      1. Cross
        1. Jesus' death on cross
        2. Baptism
          1. Washing away their sins
          2. Bread and wine
            1. Jesus bled on the Cross and His body died, this is called comunion
            2. Fish sign
              1. Initials in Greek for 'Jesus Christ the Son of God'
            3. Islam
              1. Aqiqah
                1. Symbol of purity and thanking Allah for having a child
                2. Hijab
                  1. sign of modesty and purity
                  2. Star and crescent
                    1. Islam is a guide
                    2. Zakat
                      1. Sharing money with the poor
                  3. Pilgrimage
                    1. Christianity
                      1. Not necessary
                        1. May chose to go to Lourdes or Israel
                        2. Islam
                          1. Go to Makkah at least once
                            1. One of the five pillars
                              1. Umma- to feel part of the Muslim community
                                1. To get closer to Allah
                                  1. To take part in the different rituals cirlcing the Kaaba
                                    1. Ihram- wearing the same clothes, this shows equality
                                2. Symbolism
                                  1. Church
                                    1. Cross
                                      1. Altar- where Holy Communion is celebrated
                                        1. Font for baptism
                                          1. Lectern- stand for the Bible and preach from
                                            1. Some have stained glass windows or pictures of stories from the Bible
                                            2. Mosque
                                              1. Wudu area - wash before worship
                                                1. No pictures or statues
                                                  1. Minared for call to prayer
                                                    1. Raised platafor for the Iman to speak
                                                      1. Qibla - points in direction of the Kaaba in Makkah were Muslims pray towards
                                                        1. Separate men and women's area
                                                      2. Sharing faith
                                                        1. Christianity
                                                          1. No compulsion
                                                            1. They feel that its a responsibility to encourage others
                                                              1. They may preach in town, give leaflets, knock on door tell friend and neighbours
                                                            2. Islam
                                                              1. No compulsion
                                                                1. They feel that Islam has God's true message as it was dictated
                                                                  1. They feel that it their duty
                                                                2. Organisation
                                                                  1. Christian Aid
                                                                    1. Islamic Relief
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