characteristics of plants


plants' characteristics of life
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characteristics of plants
  1. Adaption
    1. To adjust from one condition to another.
      1. protection
        1. The act of protecting.
          1. Support
            1. to help something
              1. Transportation
                1. To go from one place to another.
                  1. Reproduction
                    1. To have offspring
                  2. traits
                    1. a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person..
                      1. Eukaryotes
                          1. A eukaryote is any organism whose cells contain a nucleus and other organelles enclosed within membranes. Eukaryotes belong to the taxon Eukarya or Eukaryota.
                            1. Multicellular
                              1. An organism containing multiple cells.
                                1. Producers
                                  1. An autotrophic organism that serves as a source of food for other organisms in a food chain. Producers include green plants, which produce food through photosynthesis, and certain bacteria that are capable of converting inorganic substances into food through chemosynthesis.
                                2. classifiction
                                  1. To put something in a different group than other things.
                                    1. Nonvascular
                                      1. Non-vascular plants are plants without a vascular system (xylem and phloem). Although non-vascular plants lack these particular tissues, many possess simpler tissues that are specialized for internal transport of water.
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