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Key words, important words and definitions from Unit 1 (The Study of Life) on the Biology Leaving Certificate course (Higher Level extended material included).
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Metabolism All the chemical reactions that occur in the cells of living organisms.
Anabolic Reactions Reactions that use energy to join small molecules together to form larger molecules. Example: Photosynthesis
Catabolic Reactions Reactions that use energy to break down larger molecules into smaller ones. Example: Respiration
Continuity of Life The ability of an organism to exist from one generation to the next.
Symbiosis A relationship between to organisms where at least one benefits and none is harmed. Example: Lichen=Alga+Fungus
Parasitism A relationship between to organisms where one lives off athe other causing damage to the host organism. Example: Fleas
Trace elements Needed elements for our bodies in small quantities.
Monosaccharide Basic sugar/one sugar unit. (Glucose, Fructose, Galactose)
Disaccharide Two monosaccharide units joint together/double sugar molecules. (Maltose, Sucrose, Lactose)
Polysaccharide Many monosaccharide units joint together. In plants stored as starch and cellulose. In animals stored as glycogen.
Vitamins Chemicals needed in very small amounts in the body. Essential for life ans living systems. Cannot make them on out bodies, they must be taken in.
Grazing food chain Initial plant is living in the food chain. grass->grasshoppers->frogs->hawk
Detritus food chain Food chain begins with dead organic matter and/or animal waste(detritus). fallen leaves->earthwormes->blackbirds->hawks
Food web Chart showing all the feeding connections in the habitat/ecosystem. Two or more linked Food chains make up a food web
Trophic Level Position of an organism in a food chain. Also called Energy Level.
Pyramid of Numbers Diagram representing the numbers of organisms at each trophic level in a food chain.
Ecology The study of the interactions between organisms and between organisms and their environment.
Biosphere Part of the Earth containing organisms.
Ecosystem Group of clearly distinguished organisms that interact with their environment as a unit.
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