Types of Religious Experience


Types of Religious Experience you need to know for AS Level AQA Philosophy of Religion, RSS03
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Types of Religious Experience
    1. A direct and intimate experience from God. An individual feels a sense of 'union' with a perfect being that is omnipotent and incomparable to anything human.
      1. Characteristics:
        1. Ineffability: the experience cannot be communicated in normal speech, a private event with certain sensations that are beyond verbal descriptions
          1. Passivity: occurs without any action on the part of the recipient, losing control.
            1. Transiency: only lasts for a limited time.
              1. Noetic Quality: the mind gaining knowledge and understanding through intuition and perception, and the certainty of God's presence.
            2. CONVERSION
              1. Leads to an individual adopting a new religion or way of life that differs from their previous ways, for a non-religious it may lead to a belief in God.
                1. Self-surrender
                  1. Unconscious and Involuntary
                  2. Volitional
                    1. Conscious and Voluntary
                  3. VISIONS
                    1. When an individual believes that they have seen or heard something supernatural from a supernatural being..
                      1. Intellectual Vision
                        1. Brings knowledge and understanding. Connected with the consciousness of the presence of God.
                        2. Corporeal Vision
                          1. The figure is externally present.
                          2. Imaginary Vision
                            1. Something that strengthens faith when seen in the mind's eye.
                          3. CORPORATE
                            1. Group experiences.
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