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__________________ is the term used by Aristotle to describe the effects on us that are aroused by art . It literally means cleansing or purging. Catharis
_______________ argues that art arouses feelings within is that we would not otherwise have, such as certain sexual or aggressive feelings. Plato
___________, according to Feud,is the pushing out of unconscious desires that are considered socially unacceptable. Repression
_________________ is the redirection of sexual or aggressive energies into socially or morally acceptable channels. (aggressive energies redirected from violence into philosophical arguments). Sublimation
________________is the going beyond natural or social reality. According to Marcuse's theory it is the imaginative leap beyond the given social world into the conception of possible future social orders where some repressed energy has been liberated. Transcendence
________________ criticized the poets if ancient Greece for presenting imitations of reality that pulled people further from truth. Plato
Plato raised a concern about art that has been debated ever since.What was it? What is he value or purpose of art?
__________________believed that artists puged our souls by evoking powerful emotions of anger and pity in their artwork. Aristotle
_______________ defended art by determining it an expression of the negative and oppositional in human personality and society. This then promotes social revolution which brings society closer to freedom. Marcuse
This 20th century philosopher says that what counts as art is determined by our identification of it as art. Danto
Aristotle's surviving works are _________________. lecture notes
What is ironic about Plato's criticisms of art? He was artisitic in his writing style.
This philosopher says that learning is in fact remembering. Plato
This philosopher says that a good person has a harmonious soul. Plato
According to Plato, __________________ is the boss of the soul. reason
The theory in which Plato explains 2 different realities, one of Forms and 1 of ideas, is called____________. The Allegory/Parable of the Cave.
According to Plato which world is more real? Forms or ideas? Forms
Plato was a __________, in other words he was suspicious is human senses. rationalist
According to Plato true knowledge is knowledge of __________. Form
According to Plato, art is a part of our ________________ and knowledge of Forms are lie in our ________________. appetite, reason
Aristotle sees for as a ________________ not a truth. shape
According to Aristotle art gives us a ______________________ experience. cathardic
This immortal genius of philosophy was born in Athens to a wealthy aristocratic family. As a young man he studied with Socrates, later he wrote dialogues which explored various areas of philosophy. Plato
In early Platonic dialogues _____________ is always a prominent speaker. Socrates
In Plato's last works whose philosophical views were reflected? in earlier works? Plato's, Socrates'
The Academy was founded by ____________. Plato
Plato's dialogues were great because of his ability to do what 3 things? 1.He uses real arguments 2.He uses real characters. 3.He makes his characters personalities and speech exemplify and therefore provide evidence for philosophical theories he is trying to expound
Plato bases his philosophy on distinction between _______________ and ______________. appearance, reality
In the Republic Plato is dealing with what type of philosophy? metaphysics
John Stuart Mill and Plato agreed on what philosophical principle? That some pleasure are higher or more real than others.
What is the chare that Plato lays on art? That it leads us away from truth and disorders the soul.
In Plato's dialogues Socrates is the ____________ and his opponents are the __________. This view of Socrates (Plato's)encourages us to accept Plato's doctrines as true without much examination. hero,villians
Who did Plato ban from his ideal republic? artists
Aristotle wrote a short treatise called the Poetics that was about what artistic subject? tragedies
Aristotle agreed wit Plato that we should seek knowledge of justice, beauty, and goodness, but he disagreed with him about art's role in this quest fo knowledge. How so? He (Aristotle)viewed art as portraying greater knowledge about something not leading us a way from truth (Plato).
The disagreement between Plato and Aristotle is a bout art but more deeply about___________. metaphysics (page 208)
According to_________ true knowledge was in a natural understanding of a transcending universe called Forms, and ___________ in contrast believed that universal Forms were embodied in things of this world and therefore must be looked at more closely if we want to seek truth. Plato, Aristotle
______________ argues that art is negative, destructive, irrational, and therefore valuable to human life. Marcuse
Marcuse accepts Freud's claim that repression is essential to civilization, but classifies it into 2 different types. ________ repression, which is he kind and amount of repression that is required at any stage of social development in order to carry on the struggle for existence, while_____________ repression is the kind that only serves to protect rulers from losing their positions. necessary, surplus
Marcuse claims that the only way to make progress in society is to eliminate ________ repression while simultaneously reducing __________oppression. surplus, necessary
The revolutionary role of negative, opposition styles of artistic expression is precisely to tap into the reservoir of repressed desires within us,to draw on permanent opposition within us to necessary repression, and therefore to fuel the fight against surplus repression. Who said this? Marcuse
What 2 things do Marcuse, Aristotle, and Plato agree on? that art is a copy or imitation we can tell without great difficulty if something is art
In the 21st century what challenged the notion that art is always easy to recognize? photography
Absract art became more apparant in the 21st century due to the fact that ________ replaed the popularity of paintings as portraits? photographs
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