A mind-mapped character profile of the greedy Napoleon from Animal Farm.
Paul Joakim
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Paul Joakim
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  1. Looks
    1. As the only Berkshire on the farm, Napoleon is depicted as a black and grey, rather large threatening boar.
    2. Speaking
      1. Napoleon is not known for his talking skills, but has a reputation of getting his own way.
        1. However, when he does rarely talk, his sentences are short and to the point, and he speaks quietly in a threatening and frightening manner.
        2. Napoleon often demanded things in a threatening way, but didn't talk about anything in particular. He let most of the talking be done by Squealer.
        3. Other's Thoughts
          1. At the beginning of the novel, the animals didn't have much of an opinion of Napoleon, yet seemed to prefer Snowball to him.
            1. After Snowball is exiled, Napoleon creates a personality cult around himself. Most of the animals liked him or atleast respected him.
              1. After the dogs are introduced, the other animals become more fearful than respectful of Napoleon.
                1. At the very end of the novel, when Clover and the other animals are peeking thorough the window, it is implied that they are now incredibly fearful and suddenly hateful towards Napoleon.
          2. Behaviour
            1. Even at the very start of the novel, Napoleon is clearly selfish and deceitful.
              1. As the story continues, Napoleon also continues to become more selfish and more deceitful, to a point where he can clearly be seen as evil.
                1. Later on in the novel, he starts to become paranoid. He is seen only up to once a fortnight and is always protected by the bodyguards that are the dogs, and later on a black cockerel to announce himself too.
                  1. He ends up isolating himself even from the other pigs, giving himself a separate room in the farmhouse and reserving sugar for only himself.
              2. Thoughts and Feelings
                1. Napoleon's thoughts are extremely selfish and greedy. It seems that all he thinks about is how he can become more powerful and get more for himself. He is never seen to truly care about the other animals, rarely even the other pigs.
                  1. Napoleon is extremely thoughtless of the other animals. By the end of the novel, he could be accurately described as ruthless, uncaring and greedy.
                  2. Ideas
                    1. All of Napoleon's ideas are very self-centered or at least based upon the pigs. This continues to prove that Napoleon doesn't care much for the other animals.
                      1. A lot of 'Napoleon's' ideas are stolen from other animals or even humans, but manipulated just so much so that it is not obvious that it has been copied. A lot of Napoleon's praise comes from other people's ideas.
                      2. Attitudes
                        1. Napoleon's attitude towards the humans is similar to all the animals' at the start of the novel - he hates them. However, as the last chapter proves, Napoleon builds up friendliness between the humans, and in the end has a party with them.
                          1. He has a clear self-centered attitude that he is more important or valuable than the other animals. This is probably the root for his selfishness.
                            1. Napoleon's attitude to the other animals is selfish and uncaring. He manipulates every single animal to his advantage, even the pigs, dogs and humans!
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