USA's Response to the Cuban Revolution


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USA's Response to the Cuban Revolution
  1. Influence
    1. Influenced Cuban people with propaganda to discredit Castro
    2. Invade
      1. Bay of Pigs - April 1961 exiles landed at Bay of Pigs, Met by 20,000 armed cuban troops, Invasion failed
        1. Castro captured or killed all exiles that invaded within days
        2. Destabilise
          1. CIA looked at disrupting Cuban economy by damaging Sugar plantations
            1. USA refused to buy Cuban's main export, Sugar cane.
            2. Plans to assassinate Castro were under way
            3. Disrupt
              1. American companies in Cuba refused to co-operate with any Cuban businesses, which used oil or other materials imported from the USSR
                1. January 1961, President JFK broke diplomatic relations with Cuba. No longer prepared to have a soviet satellite in their sphere of influence
                2. Discredit
                  1. American media broadcast a relentless stream of criticism of Castro and his regime on TV
                  2. Pressurise
                    1. Made Cuba think US was going to invade until after Bay of Pigs
                      1. Castro and Khrushchev became suspicious of US policy
                      2. Ignore
                        1. After half hearted attempt at bay of pigs, clear that US was unwilling to get directly involved in Cuba
                          1. encouraged spread of communism
                        2. Send aid
                          1. Rather then direct invasion, JFK supplied arms, equipment & transport for 1,400 anti-castor exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow him
                            1. CIA provided support and funds to Cuban exiles in attempt to overthrow Castro
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