Humanities-Letter to king George the III


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Humanities-Letter to king George the III
  1. taxation without representation
    1. Taxes
      1. Sugar Act
        1. three-cent tax on foreign refined sugar and increased taxes on coffee, indigo, and certain kinds of wine. It banned importation of rum and French wines
        2. Tea act
          1. was to reduce the massive surplus of tea held by the financially troubled British East India Company in its London warehouses and to help the struggling company survive.
          2. Stamp Act
            1. Tax on printed goods
            2. Navigation Act
              1. to expand British trade and limit trade by British colonies with countries that were rivals of Great Britain.
            3. Main Problems
              1. no repressentation at the british parliament
                1. to many different taxes taxes
                  1. moneymade by taxes send dirrecly to britain nothing kept in the colonies
                    1. money that stays in america is for the wars
                  2. Limiting of freedom
                    1. Britsh tacking out all the wrights of the colonist
                      1. no more comities of correspondance
                        1. Did not allow the colines to exanche lettesr to each other about the british governament
                        2. Did not allow them to have their own justice system
                          1. did not allow the colonists to judge the criminals
                          2. Proclamation of 1763
                            1. did not allow the colonists to expand their past the appelation mountains
                        3. British Soldiers
                          1. did not like the colonists
                            1. colonists needed to feed and accomodate the soldiers
                              1. the colonists hated the british soldiers
                                1. The colonists hated the british soldiers so much that they created an army (the minutemen) to kill them
                                2. main point
                                  1. why are the colonists revolting
                                  2. other notes
                                    1. do not be to agressive
                                      1. be polite (use the wight words)
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