Indentured Servants Vs. Slaves


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BothThe lowest in the social class social class system.Usually came from a different country. Worked for someone, usually rich, like a gentry (the richest person in the class system.) Both were NOT paid.

Indentured Servants Are considered free and are not literally "owned as property." Signed contracts because they wanted to pay a debt. They also wanted someone to pay their ocean passage to the Americas. Worked for 4 - 7 years. Got a set of cloths and 50 acres of land.

Slaves Forced to work for their owners. NEVER free (unless they escape somehow of course) Often beaten Treated as property (ex: sold) Worked their whole lifetime. Occupations: Worked on plantations, built ships, unloaded docks, and helped in marketplaces.

Indentured Servants Working

Slaves Working

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