Early Presidencies of the United States


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Who was elected the third president of the United States in 1800? Thomas Jefferson
Who did Thomas Jefferson send to explore Louisiana Territory? Louis and Clark
American farmers were losing money because of what important "port" city being closed? New Orleans
Who does Thomas Jefferson negotiate with to buy New Orleans? Napoleon, the leader of France.
Based on the states' rights theory of the Constitution, what does each state have the authority to do? Nullify Federal Law
What was a major issue dividing the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans? How large and powerful the state government should be
What was one of the ways the Democratic-Republicans viewed the Alien and Sedition Acts? An attack on the rights of free speech
Why did Jefferson call the election of 1800 a peacful revolution? Power changed hands without violence
Alien Acts Laws against immigrants entering the United States
Why did George Washington fear political parties? George Washington feared that political parties may become to powerful and divide the country.
What did the Supreme Court establish with the case Murbury vs. Madison? The Supreme Court established the precedent of Judicial Review, which meant that the Supreme Court has the final say in interpreting the Constitution.
How did Judicial Review affect the balance of the American Government? This helped create a lasting balance on the three branches. This helped create a check on the Judicial Branch.
What event led to the 12th Amendment? The vote resolved in the tie between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson in 1800 led to the 12th Amendment.
What was one of Thomas Jefferson's accomplishments that led to the United States' size to double? The Louisiana Purchase
What function do third political parties serve the American political system? The third parties give those promoting a reform a chance to express ideas.
What is the major goal of American political parties today? Their goal is to win the next election
Who is the Native American that guided Lewis and Clark? Sacajawea
What was the result of the Embargo Act? The American economy was hurt so the Embargo Act was repealed. The Intercourse Act replaced the Embargo Act.
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