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How were the Aborigines affected by the British colonization of Australia in the 19th century? Diseases spread and killed most of the Aborigines population. The discovery of gold and the battles over valuable land and territory. The British had more powerful weapons such as guns and cannons
Colonialism was important to many European countries during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as they colonized parts of Africa and Asia. Which of the following explains how colonialism might have helped cause World War I? Colonization increased tensions between European countries.
Which war made the government of Great Britain look to Australia as a penal colony? American War of Independence
Which of these is best supported by the map below? Portuguese explorers reached the Indian Ocean.
Which would be an example of a company investing in Physical Capital in order to generate more income? Constructing new factories and buying new equipment
Which statement below explains the purpose of the European Union (EU)? The EU was formed after WWII & the Cold War to help promote peace, The EU was formed to promote social, political, and economic cooperation and growth, and It was formed in order to help smaller countries become more competitive in the world trade market
Which type of trade barrier involves a limit on goods brought into a country? Quota
n order to help Russian farmers sell more food, some people want to put a tax on the food imported from other countries. This is an example of a(n) Tariff
What might make the trade barrier known as an Embargo against a country successful? The citizens in the country suffer because of the embargo and demand a change from their government
Investment in property is the major factor in economic growth. Companies seek funding from investors, entrepreneurs, government programs, and foreign sources. Which action is an example of this investment? Increasing spending on factories, land, buildings, and machinery
A country's parliament votes to increase tariffs upon goods from another country. This is an example of a representative democracy restricting trade.
hich of these actions would most likely lead to an increase in a country's gross domestic product (GDP)? investing in machinery and technology
In which country would it be MOST difficult for a person to start a new business? Russia
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