English exam - B2


Mind Map on English exam - B2, created by Miguel Jaume Vega on 09/12/2016.
Miguel Jaume Vega
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Miguel Jaume Vega
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English exam - B2
  1. Writing
    1. An informal email
      1. Cover letter
      2. Listening
        1. Grammar
          1. Question formation
            1. Auxiliary verbs; the... the... + comparatives
              1. Present Simple and Present Continuous
                1. Using adjectives as nouns, adjectives order
                  1. Relative clauses
                    1. Narrative tenses, past perfect continuous; so / such ... that
                    2. Vocabulary
                      1. Working out meaning from context
                        1. Compound adjectives, modifiers
                          1. Illnesses and injuries
                            1. Clothes and fashion
                              1. Air travel
                              2. Speaking
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