4. The Skeletal System - bones of the skull


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How many bones are in the skull? 22 bones - 8 cranial bones - 14 facial bones
8 cranial bones (Elephants Fathers Only Sleep Past Ten) 1. Ethmoid bone 2. Frontal bone 3. Occipital 4. Sphenoid bone 5+6. Parietal bones X2 7+8. Temporal bones X2
1. Ethmoid Bone Forms the inner core of the facial skeleton. Located at the roof of the nose between the 2 orbits. Separates the nasal cavity from the brain.
2. Frontal Bone Forms the forehead.
3. Occipital Bone Forms the posterior brain case. -> Back + lower part of skull
4. Sphenoid Bone Helps to form the base of the cranium, the sides of the skull and the floors and sides of the orbits (eye sockets). -> Situated in the middle of the skull.
5+6. Parietal Bones Form the middle portion of the brain case. The bones are joined together by the mid-line of the sagittal suture.
7+8. Temporal Bones Pair of bones situated at the sides and base of the skull. Supports the temple of the face + encloses the ear.
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 = Frontal Bone 2. Parietal Bone 3. Sphenoid Bone 4. Temporal Bone 5. Occipital Bone 6. Ethmoid Bone
14 facial bones (Many Vermin In London Make Nuns Pity Zebras) 1. Mandible 2. Vomer 3+4. Inferior Nasal Cochae X2 5+6. Lacrimal Bones X2 7+8. Maxillae X2 9+10. Nasal Bones X2 11+12. Palatine Bones X2 13+14. Zygomatic Bones X2
1. Mandible Lower jaw bone. Begins as a paired bone but fuses at the mid-line at 1 year. Largest, strongest + lowest bone in the face. Holds lower teeth in place.
2. Vomer Forms a large part of the nasal septum between the left and right cavities of the nose.
3+4. Inferior Nasal Cochae Small, scroll-like bones placed on the lateral surface of the nasal cavity.
5+6. Lacrimal Bones Small bones almost completely hidden in the intact skull. Form part of the eye socket. Smallest + most fragile bones of the face.
7+8. Maxillae Bones Upper jaw -> make up the hard palate, nose and upper dental ridge.
9+10. Nasal Bones Make up the superior surface or 'bridge' of the nose.
11+12. Palatine Bones Form part of the hard palate + nasal cavity
13+14. Zygomatic Bones Make up the prominent structure of the cheekbones and outer side of the eye sockets.
1. Mandible = purple 2. Vomer = dark blue 3+4. Inferior Nasal Cocha = light green 5+6. Lacrimal = light blue 7+8. Maxilla = yellow 9+10. Nasal = pink 11+12. Palatine = red 13+14. Zygomatic = dark green
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