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What causes shingles? HHV-3
Children contract? Varicella (chickenpox)
Most common place Chest wall dermatome
Most common congenital hernias posterolateral (85%)
Which nerve runs alongside the oesophagus vagus
Structures pass through at T8/10/12 IVC, right phrenic nerve Esophagus, vagal trunks Aorta, azygous vein, thoracic duct
Pleural innervation visceral- autonomic Parietal-phrenic/intercostal
In chest decompression where is the needle placed 2nd intercostal space
And the chest drain, S/I to the rib? 5th ICS mid clavicular line S, VAN are inferior border
List 8 accessory muscles? Erector spinae, lats/traps, SCM, pM+pm, quadratus lumborum, scalenes
Where do scalene attach to? Vertebra to 1st rib
Nerve that runs alongside IVC Phrenic
2/4/1 expand 2 sinuses inferior to superior concha posterior ethmoidal and sphenoid 4 sinuses inferior to middleconcha anterior/middle ethmoidal,frontal and maxillary 1 sinuses inferior to inferior concha nasolacrimal duct
Epistaxis in nose happens between branches of which arteries Nose bleed, happens because of the anatomisis between facial and maxillary
Operation to the thyroid gland can damage what? Causing what? Reccurent laryngeal nerve Stridor
Stretor? Partial obstruction of the pharynx
Dimensions of the pharynx Base of skull to c1 c1-c3 c3-c6
Four tonsils name them and located what region of the pharynx they are in Adenoid Tubal Palatine Lingual NASO AND ORO
Vagus supplies what to the pharynx Motor innervation Sensory innervation is supplied by glossopharyngeal
Venous drainage of the pharynx? IJV
Which vocal cord is superior False also called the vestibular "
Two exceptions in the thyroid muscles Posterior cricoarytenoids abduct Cricothyroid innervated by superior laryngeal
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