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What is A? Skull
What is O? Pubis
What is R? Carpal Bones
What is S? Metacarpal Bones
What is T? Phalanges
What is P? Femur
What is Q? Patella
What is U? Fibula
What is V? Tibia
What is W? Tarsal Bones
What is X? Metatarsal Bones
What is Y? Phalanges
What is E? Sternum
What is B? Mandible
What is C? Clavicle
What is D? Scapula
What is F? Ribs
What is G? Humerus
What is H? Vertebral Column
What is I? Radius
What is J? Ulna
What is K? Sacrum
What is L? Coccyx
What is M? Illium
What is N? Ishium
What is A? Hyoid
What is B and how many are in this section? Cervical; 7
What is C and how many are in this section? Thoracic; 12
What is D and how many are in this section? Lumbar; 5
Label the blue section. Axial Skeleton
Label the red section. Appendicular Skeleton
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