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Central sulcus separates what? Sensory is posterior or anterior to it? Precentral gyrus (motor cortex) and post central gyrus (sensory cortex) Posterior
Describe the position of the pre motor cortex? Brodmanns area 6 and directly anterior to the motor cortez
The supplementary motor area sits above which sulcus? Cingulate
The ventral surface of the pons contains which artery? Basilar
Which cranial nerve arises at the base of the middle cerebellar peduncle? Trigeminal CnV1
Which of the corticospinal fibres decussate and what percentage? Lateral and 80%
The rubrospinal arise from what part of the midbrain and are they I/C? Red nucleus Contralateral
Vestibulospinal I/p? and where does it originate? Ipislateral 4 ventricle
Tectospinal controls your reaction to which stimulus and describe location and if it decussates or not? Responses to auditory stimulus Inferior colliculus Contralateral
What is medial to anterior limb of the internal capsule? Caudate nucleus
What is medial to posterior limb of the internal capsule? Thalamus
Lateral to the internal capsule is? Lentiform nucleus that contains putamen and globus pallidus
What lies inferior to the cerebellum? Cereballar tonsil
Coning is used to describe what problem? The tonsil and medulla getting stuck in the foramen magnum
Primary fissure separates what? Anterior posterior lobes of each hemisphere
Posterior lobe can be known as? immediately caudal to which nerve entry point? Crossed anteriorly by which nerves? Flocculo-nodular lobe facial Glossopharyngeal/vagus
The Oculomotor/trochlear and abducens supply what muscles for the eye? Oculomotor supplies I/M/S rectus and inferior oblique Trochlear supplies the superior oblique Abducens supplies the lateral rectus
Cranial nerve 1/2 synapse where? Medial and lateral geniculate nucleus
Name the 12 cranial nerves? olfactory optic oculomotor trochlear trigeminal abducens facial vestibulocochlear glossopharyngeal vagus accessory hypoglossal
Three layers of the eye? Sclera Choroid Retina
The Levator palpebrae superiors is innervated by what nerve? Oculomotor
Two divisions of the optic tract, lateral and medial root run where? Lateral-LGN Medial-Superior colliculus
State the order of the three ossicles? Malleus Incus Stapes
Vestibular and cochlear provide what functions? Balance and Hearing
Tensor tympani and stapedius innervation? Trigeminal and facial
Auditory nerves fibres past from the MGN to? Inferior colliculus
Wernickes area, location and problems when theres a lesion? Temporal mainly and some parietal receptive aphasia
Broca area, location and problems when theres a lesion? Frontal lobe just infront of the precentral gyrus Expressive aphasia
Superior speech cortex relates to what area of the brain? SMA, when theres a lesion not many problems with speech
Branches of the brachial plexus? What do they innervate? Musculataneous-biceps/brachialis Median-Mostly forearm/some hand Axillary-Deltoid Radial-Post part of arm Ulnar-Mostly hand/some forearm
Pathological signs of nerve damage? Wrist drop-Radial Claw hand-Ulnar Waiters tip-Axillary/musc Loss of sensation over lateral palm/thumb-median
7 branches of Lumbar plexus? Subcostal/Iliohypogastric/ilioingual Genitofemoral/lateral cutaneous of thigh Femoral/Obturator
More Medial Femoral or obturator? Innervate what? Obturator Obturator innervates inner thigh(adductors) Femoral anterior thigh
Name the nerves of Sacral plexus? Superior/inferior gluteal Quadratus femoris/obturator internus Sciatic Posterior/peforating nerve of the thigh/pudendal
Three fibre types within the brain? Projection/Association/Commisural
Five divisions of the association fibres? Extreme and external capsule Cingulum Superior/Inferior longitudinal fasciculus
Extreme and external separate what structures? Extreme-Insular cortex and claustraum External-Claustaum and putamen
Comissural fibres can be divided into three sub sections? Anterior posterior and hippocampus
The other main commissary fibre? Corpus callosum
Projection fibres? Only the internal capsule
What does the internal capsule separate? Lentiform nucleus (GP/putamen) and caudate nucleus
Describe the circuit of Papez? Cingular gyrus to Hippocampus to Hypothalamus (mammillary bodies) to anterior nucleus of the thalamus to cinuglar gyrus to complete the circuit.
Mammillary bodies contain nucleus of what part of the limbic system? Hypothalamus
Amygdala receives inputs from what? Olfactory bulb
Where is CSF produced? Choroid plexus (Lateral, 3rd and 4th ventricles)
Describe the pathway the CSF takes Lateral to the 3rd to 4th via the cerebral aqueduct then enters the sub arachnoid space then it enters the superior sagittal sinuses via the arachnoid granulations due to the pressure differences
Describe the pattern of Gracile fascicles and cuneate fascicles? Above t6 there are both Below t6 only gracile(medial to cuneate)
Pineal body produces what and where does it sit? Melatonin Superior to the tectum
Describe the triangles above the obex? Hypoglossal medial to vagus superior to hypoglossal and vagus is the vestibular area
Cancers that cause secondary tumours in the brain? Kidney/lung/skin/breast Kids love sucking breasts....
Describe the loss of sensation with brown sequard syndrome? (right sided stab) Loss of fine touch vibration and proprioception on RHS Loss of course touch pain on LHS
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