Dietary requirements through the lifecycle


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Dietary requirements through the lifecycle
  1. babies
    1. first 6 months
      1. bottle/breast fed
            1. after 6 months need iron& vit.C
              1. weaning -start to eat solid foods
                  1. children
                    1. protein-growth
                      1. carbohydrates- energy
                          1. calcium, vitamin D, phoshourous-bones & teeth
                            1. Fat
                                1. iron-prevent anaemia
                                    1. adolescents
                                          1. same nutrients as children
                                            1. eating disorders
                                                1. refusal to eat, very under weight, excess hair grows, periods may stop, constipation, discoloured skin
                                                  1. near normal weight, binge eating, vomiting /laxative, tooth decay, dehydration, periods may stop
                                              1. adults
                                                1. same nutrients as children
                                                  1. protein-repair
                                                      1. Older People
                                                              1. pregnancy
                                                                    1. same nutrients as children
                                                                      1. convalescents

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