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2014 Year 10 Mocks - OCR B1/B2
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How do you measure BMI?
What is Kwashiorkor? A protein deficiency. Common in developing countries where there is a demand for protein rich foods yet there is not enough available for everyone.
How do you measure EAR? EAR(g) = 0.6 x body mass(kg)
What is EAR? Estimated Average daily Requirements of protein.
What may vary a person's EAR? Age, pregnancy and body mass.
Why do teenagers need more protein? Because they are still growing.
What must a balanced diet contain? Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals & Water.
What are proteins made of? Amino Acids
Which enzymes digests Carbohydrates? Carbohydrases.
Which enzymes digests Proteins? Proteases.
Which enzymes digests Fats? Lipases.
What does carbohydrate break down into? Glucose.
What does protein break down into? Amino Acids.
What does fat break down into? Fatty acids and Glycerol.
Where are carbohydrases found? 1) The mouth 2) The small intestine
Where are Proteases found? 1) The stomach 2) The small intestine
Where are Lipases found? 1) The small intestine
How is the small intestine adapted to digestion? 1) It's very long so a lot of time to digest food. 2) Big surface area. Covered in millions and millions of Villi. 3) Each cell on the surface of the Villus also has Microvilli that increase the surface area even more. 4) Villi have a very thin, single permeable layer that has a very good blood supply that allows quick absorption.
How are food molecules absorbed into the blood? By diffusion.
What is meant by Fitness? How well you can perform physical tasks.
What is meant by Health? Being free of disease and infections.
What is positive tropism? Towards the stimulus.
What is negative tropism? Away from the stimulus.
What is geotropism? Growth in response to the direction of gravity.
What is phototropism? Growth in response to the direction of light.
What is Auxin? A plant growth hormone
What do auxins do? Change the direction of root and shoot growth.
Name 3 commercial uses of plant hormones. Killing weeds, growing cuttings & ripening fruit.
What does a pyramid of biomass show? The mass of living material at stages of the food chain.
What does a pyramid of numbers show? The quantity of organisms at that stage in a food chain.
What is a parasite? An organism that lives off a host and takes what they need but doesn't give anything back.
What is mutualism (mutualistic relationship)? A relationship where both organisms benefit.
What is a depressant? A drug that decreases activity of the brain. This slows down the response of the nervous system causing slow reactions and poor judgement of speed and distance.
What is a stimulant? A drug that increases brain activity and makes you feel more alert and awake. Does the opposite of a depressant.
What are the 4 main proteins? Enzymes, Carrier Molecules, Hormones & Structural Proteins.
What is the role of an enzyme? To control cell reactions.
What is the role of a Carrier Molecule? To transport smaller molecules around the body.
What is the role of a hormone? To carry messages around the body.
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