The Children Act 2004


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The Children Act 2004
  1. AIM
    1. To protect all children
      1. at risk of harm
        1. and keep them safe
          1. May involve practitioners in taking a child away from family
            1. Through the use of :
              1. Care Orders
                1. Emergency Protection Orders
          2. KEY PRINCIPLES
            1. Contains the PARAMOUNTCY PRINCIPLE
              1. The Paramountcy Principle: The child's best interest and welfare is the first and most important consideration
                1. Issues have to be determined as soon as possible
                  1. Children's needs must come first
                    1. Taking a child away from their family may adversely affect the adults involved, but may be in the child's best interests
                  2. Children have the right to be CONSULTED
                    1. Provide children with a genuine opportunity
                      1. to influence decision making
                        1. must be based on honesty and clarity
                          1. to freely express their views and opinions
                            1. to reflect their own preferences and working methods
                              1. to speak out and have their opinions listened to
                            2. Children have the right to have an ADVOCATE
                              1. An ADVOCATE is a person who puts a case on someone else's behalf
                                1. Practitioners have to ensure children stay within the wider family circle where possible rather than being placed in care
                                2. Every Child Matters (ECM)
                                  1. Five outcomes, applicable to ALL children:
                                    1. S
                                      1. Staying SAFE
                                      2. H
                                        1. Being HEALTHY
                                        2. E
                                          1. ENJOYING and ACHIEVING
                                          2. E
                                            1. ECONOMIC well-being
                                            2. P
                                              1. Making a POSITIVE contribution
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