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Advice on using GoConqr in a work setting
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Using GoConqr for Training and Development

Professional development , communication, planning, creation and information and content sharing.

Studies indicate that a brain that is actively engaged with content is far more likely to process the information it contains, develop a deeper understanding of it, and commit it to memory more accurately and for longer.

It's All About The Visuals

Visual learning is growing in popularity in both the corporate and academic environments. It's hardly surprising either, given that the human brain was a developed image processor long before it was a textual one. GoConqr's suite of content creation tools are designed to maximise learning and talent development by harnessing the power of visual learning.Not only can you organise and communicate information through highly visual Mind Maps, Notes, Flashcards, Slides and Quizzes, you can also augment this information with a variety of media such as images, audio, videos and external links.

The pages in this Note will briefly take you through some of GoConqr's key tools and features and provide you with some samples to provide you with a starting point for creating great content of your own.

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Mind Mapping Your Ideas

You can see how your idea works. Now so can your colleagues.

Have you ever struggled to explain an idea or plan to a colleague before finally having to draw it out to help make it clearer? Mind Maps are designed to make those moments of clarity easier.As one of the most visual and intuitive content creation tools, Mind Maps are perfect for simplifying complex material so that either you or your colleagues can easily get to grips with it.When used in a Group, you can also give others access to make amendments to your Mind Maps, or add comments and annotations for even greater accessibility and knowledge sharing.

Sample Mind Maps

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Making Slides, Taking Notes

They say that variety is the spice of life. We think they're right.

GoConqr's Slide and Note-taking tools allow you to easily add video from multiple sites, meaning you have more freedom to add the best video content out there to your resources.In addition to other GoConqr resources, you can easily enrich your Notes and Slides by adding informative tutorial videos, podcasts or just content to inspire and help get the creative juices flowing, such as the stop motion video included below.


Slides and Notes are both extremely easy to create and edit on GoConqr. They are also extremely versatile, allowing you choose from countless templates and incorporate a variety of content types to help illustrate key points, support important points and keep viewers engaged with the information you present.Their easy navigation also makes them ideal for live presentations, and as the free GoConqr Slides app is synced with your desktop account, you can easily make last minute adjustments or amendments on the go from your mobile device.

Sample Slides and Notes

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Flashcards: Getting the Facts Straight

Remember what's important in a flash.

Flashcards offer a more engaging and effective way of committing those no-nonsense facts to memory. Whether it's key terms, important dates or statistics, Flashcards afford a way of condensing content to capture the most important bits. When used in conjunction with the free GoConqr apps, you can mobilise your Flashcards so they're perfect for fine-tuning your learning during intervals or while on commutes to and from the office.

Sample Flashcards

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Finding What You Need

GoConqr offers users full access to a vast digital library of learning resources. Find what you need with a simple search.

One of greatest strengths of GoConqr is its users. Over 2 million learners at all levels use the platform to create fantastic content covering any subject area or topic you can think of. And when users make their resources public, they are stored in GoConqr's vast digital library, where they can be freely accessed by all other users.This means that there are over 4 million learning resources at your disposal - to view, pin, make copies, edit or share with others. And despite the overwhelming volume of resources in the digital library, finding what you need couldn't be easier. All you need do is enter what you're looking for into the search bar at the top of your dashboard and hit search. You can then refine the search results by filtering by scope and content type.

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Assessing Your Progress

Tests aren't a final judgement in your professional development journey, just steps along the way.

You can easily create a wealth of Quiz types with GoConqr to test different aspects of your knowledge about a given subject. These will give you a clear idea of how much you know, but - more importantly - they can also be used to identify areas of need so you can modify your training strategy and content delivery for maximum effectiveness. In addition to this studies show that quizzes, when used regularly, can be a powerful means of advancing and consolidating one's progress and learning.

Sample Quizzes

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Of Course You Can!

Create a Course to tie your learning resources together and structure your content delivery or self assessment.

The Courses feature allows you to bundle content in a given sequence and to add appropriate context. You can add content that you have created or that you've found in our Public Library. You can share the course and determine the sequence the user must take through the content or set minimum scores required to progress to the next step. Find out more about Courses in the attached Note.

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Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

Overcoming adversity is easier when you're willing to embrace diversity.

Sharing Ideas and Insights

Welcoming multiple perspectives helps generate a richer array of ideas. It also leads to a more innovative work environment and helps create an atmosphere of trust and cultural diversity - key elements in an organisations growth.GoConqr's Groups feature allows you to discover and join other like-minded professionals and learners in the areas that are of interest to you. You can also create groups of your own and invite colleagues to share and collaborate on content. Groups also gives you a place to exchange ideas, ask questions or offer support or advice to those you work with. After all, even great ideas aren't perfect, but learning from your community, colleagues and peers can help you modify and improve them until they're ready to implement and make a reality.

Creating a Community

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Personalisation Through Organisation

The more you interact with resources, the more personalised your learning environment becomes.

Save, and You Shall Receive

It's often been said that a tidy workplace is a productive workplace. The more you interact with content on GoConqr, the more our algorithm learns about your interests and what you like. This allows us to deliver personalised content suggestions to help meet your training and development needs. Regularly performing actions such as creating subject folders to organise your content, adding descriptive titles and tags to the resources you create, and rating and pinning the content you like all count as valuable interactions that help us make the best possible resource suggestions.So the more organised you are, the more productive we can be for you. You can start by pinning and rating the resource you're reading right now - simply click on the "Actions" icon in the top left of the screen and choose what you'd like to do!

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