History of Psychology


People with significant contributions to the study of human psychology.
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History of Psychology
  1. Structuralism
    1. Wilhelm Wundt
      1. E.B.Titchener
      2. Functionalism
        1. William James
          1. John Dewey
            1. Harvey Carr
              1. John Angell
              2. Psychoanalysis
                1. Sigmund Freud
                  1. Carl Jung
                    1. Anna Freud
                      1. Alfred Adler
                      2. Behaviourism
                        1. Pavlov
                          1. John B.Watson
                            1. B. F. Skinner
                            2. Humanism
                              1. Carl Rogers
                                1. Abraham Maslow
                                2. Cognitive
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