The Biological Approach to Psychology


A brief mind map of the Biological Approach for A2 psychology students.
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The Biological Approach to Psychology
  1. assumptions: genes, brain structures, neuro-chemicals, evolution
    1. evolution: human behaviour is inherited to some extent. results from animal studies can apply to humans, we've all evolved
      1. biological structures: central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, neuron, endocrine system
        1. genotype: genetic makeup of an individual phenotype: the expression of the genotype
          1. MZ twins have the same genotype but different phenotype
        2. sexual selection is natural selection arising through preference for characteristics in the opposite sex
        1. frontal lobe: reasoning, planning, speech & movement, emotions & problem solving
          1. parietal lobe: perception of stimuli, e.g. touch, pressure, temperature and pain
            1. occipital lobe: concerned with all aspects of vision
              1. temporal lobe: perception and recognition of auditory stimuli and memory
              2. NERVOUS SYSTEM
                1. CNS
                  1. brain
                    1. spinal cord
                    2. PNS
                      1. SNS
                        1. skeletal and muscles
                        2. ANS
                          1. sympathetic
                            1. parasympathetic
                        3. GENERAL ADAPTATION SYNDROME
                          1. ALARM PHASE: short term environmental stress; cortisol and adrenalin released. increased heart rate, blood pressure and breathing; decreased immune response
                            1. RESISTANCE PHASE: stress is not removed; hormones still being released. heart rate and blood pressure still elevated
                              1. EXHAUSTION PHASE: body can no longer deal with long term effects of hormone release. heart is damaged, back and neck problems from muscle tension
                              2. STRENGTHS
                                1. scientific; reliable & replicable
                                  1. helpful applications = credibility
                                    1. comparable psychology
                                      1. support for nature
                                      2. LIMITATIONS
                                        1. reductionist, no environmental factors considered
                                          1. experiments have low ecological validity
                                            1. deterministic, suggests people can't choose their behaviour
                                              1. evolution isn't believed to be real by all people
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