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Collaborative Learning with Study Groups
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    Collaborative Learning: An Introduction
    Collaborative learning is a teaching method that encourages interaction, collaboration and active participation of students.With the introduction on new technologies, the learning process is becoming more and more diverse as students can study anywhere and anytime they wish.GoConqr actively encourages collaborative learning both in and out of the classroom which is why we provide specially designed study tools that compliment this style of learning. In addition to creating resources using our tools, you can discover and share learning resources.
    Caption: : Collaborative learning explained

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    Traditional VS Collaborative Learning
    Characteristics of Traditional Learning Educational environment focused on the teacher Teacher seen as authority figure Reactive and passive learning Emphasis on the content Solitary learning Memorisation
    Characteristics of Collaborative Learning Educational environment focused on the student Teacher seen as a mentor Proactive and investigative learning Emphasis on applicability Group learning Transformation

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    Benefits of Collaborative Learning
    Research shows that educational experiences that are active, social, contextual, engaging, and student-owned lead to deeper learning. The benefits of collaborative learning include: Development of a sense of teamwork amongt students Development of new behavioral and intellectual skills Substantial improvement in self-esteem Improved communication Development of critical, logical and analytical thinking Improvement in interpersonal relationships Practical learning rather than theoretical memorisation Development of comprehension skills and understanding of diverse perspectives Preparation for real-life social and professional situations

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    Group Analytics
    The most popular feature among teachers that use GoConqr Groups is undoubtedly the Group Analytics.With this function, you can monitor individual and collective performance of pupils  in any quiz that they take and monitor their progress over time.Group Analytics also gives you access to other interesting data such as average scores, best results, number of attempts etc.This functionality is the perfect addition to any class as it provides everything that a teacher needs to carry out a classroom assessment.The image on the right shows the main screen of  GoConqr Group Analytics.
    Caption: : Overview of group analytics section
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