Putting the Flipped Classroom Model into Practice


Learn more about the Flipped Classroom and how GoConqr can help
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    Introduction to Flipped Classroom
    The Flipped Classroom is a teaching model based on the following principles: Offering directions in advance so students prepare the lesson before the class Building a learning culture by encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning process Developing engaging lessons involving questions, discussions and practical exercise In this way, the traditional teaching model in which students are introduced to a topic in the classroom and are then assigned homework, is turned upside down.
    Caption: : Simple explanation of the Flipped Classroom Model

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    Putting Flipped Classroom into Practice
    GoConqr is the perfect tool to launch the Flipped Classroom methodology because you can create and share resources and communicate with your students easily. In this respect, Study Groups are the core of the Flipped Classroom process. With them, you can extend teaching and learning beyond the physical classroom. This is a quick and easy way to provide all the instructions and the study material needed to carry out a flipped classroom experience, including the ability to share announcements, create polls and track student assessment.

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    Caption: : Why wait to flip your classroom?
    Once you have created your Study Group and invited all of your students to join, the next step is to start sharing study resources. You can share Mind Maps, Flashcards, Slides, Online Notes and Quizzes to plant the learning seed within your students. Using this learning material as a guide, your students can create their own and share it with the group or with some of their peers,and like this learn in a collaborative way.In addition, the GoConqr apps for Android and iOS allow the review of material anywhere in order to make the most of your time. Other features included in GoConqr that complement the  Flipped Classroom model include evaluation and monitoring tools, private messages, study calendar, etc.
    Putting Flipped Classroom into Practice

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    The Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom
    Teachers who have used the flipped classroom model believe that it supports the concept of active learning as students need to process information and work on concepts before class. Subsequently, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through workshop-type activities that promote: Dialog Cooperation Independent thinking  The generation of ideas.
    While the traditional model of education makes greater use of lower cognitive processes such as receiving and processing information, the flipped classroom approach allows better use of higher cognitive processes such as analysis, evaluation and application.Once students begin to appreciate the freedom provided by collaborative and open model such as flipped classroom, they will be more motivated to take control and conduct learning outside the classroom, thus reaffirming the benefits of a Flipped Classroom model

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    Potential Problems and Solutions
    One of the most widespread concerns among educators who practice flipped classroom is the effective preparation of students before coming to class. Finding a solution to this issue is not easy, because each student is different. However, with that in mind, there are some methods that clearly convey to students the importance of preparing lessons. For example, GoConqr allows the creation of Quizzes that can be used at the beginning and end of each class as a way to measure the level of a student and their needs and check if they have effectively prepared the lesson. These quizzes can be shared through the Study Groups and conducted online, which means that teachers can get the results instantly.
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