How to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom


If your students could choose not to attend your classes, would they? Find out how to increase student engagement in the classroom
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    The 4 Pillars of Student Engagement
    1. Personalized Learning: Not everyone has the same needs, so different methodologies must be applied. In order for students to remain engaged in the classroom, it is vital to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student and handle them separately.2. Learning without Limits: Why limit learning in the classroom from 10am to 11am? The fewer boundaries we have in learning, the better. Learning should be a continuous process. 3. Student-Driven Learning: Students should be responsible for their own learning and success. Here, we are referring to a learning process adapted to their individual interests and goals.4. Competency-Based Learning: It is great to witness a student’s ability to memorize formulas but if these cannot be used to solve problems, what’s the point? The different stages of learning should be set according to practical competences and not external factors such as hours of study or class attendance.

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    Student Engagement Routine
    We can design various learning processes with the help of these 4 pillars, always taking into consideration the specific subject, the class level and, of course, the targeted students.Start by creating a Study Group in GoConqr to  ensure there are no limitations to the students’ learning (learning without limits). Within this group, you can start discussions, polls and share resources. Different types of study resources can be shared to give students the ability to explore different learning styles. Resources can even be shared with a specific student for a more personalized learning. To broaden the student’s knowledge, GoConqr offers tools that can be used to create study resources. They can also avail of more that 2 million study resources from the GoConqr public library. These resources can be used by students for some intensive research on a particular topic or to explore their own personal interests (student-driven learning).
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