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Find out how you can use GoConqr tools to enhance your lessons.
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    Using GoConqr to support teaching
    GoConqr offers teachers a huge degree of flexibility in their teaching approach. From how they plan lessons to how they create them; from how they present information and key concepts to how they share them with their students.This slide set will take you through some of GoConqr's main features and how you can implement them in your classroom to make lessons clearer and more compelling for students.This includes using Notes, Mind Maps, Flashcards, Slides, Flowcharts, Quizzes, and Courses. Furthermore, you can also learn how to set up Groups to share information and content,  and support collaboration on larger projects.

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    Mind Maps are predominantly used for two things 1) Elaborating on and connecting ideas 2)  Collaborating with others to brainstorm ideas.Mind Maps can be created individually or collectively. You can simply put a word in the central node or just give your students a general topic and allow them to explore their own ideas.GoConqr lets you work on a project individually and then share the result with your friends. This means you could set up a Study Group, invite all your pupils, and when they finish their Mind Maps they can share an editable version of their Mind Maps to the group so that anyone else can take a copy of any other Mind Map and either study it, grade it or improve it.While having a central concept on which to work is the traditional way of creating Mind Maps, they can also be used to brainstorm, or for curriculum mapping.
    Teaching with Mind Maps

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    Teaching with Flashcards
    Teachers can get great use out of this tool by preparing a deck of Flashcards and topics and sharing them with their pupils after each lesson. These could be more useful and engaging that simply handing out a summary note. If each student has access to a deck they can study it in their own time, even on the go, using the mobile app.For certain subjects or topics teachers could go more in-depth. For example, when studying foreign languages Flashcards can be a very valuable resource for learning vocabulary,Since most of the content on GoConqr is public this means you can search other teachers' and pupils' resources and use them in class! Such an approach, coupled with the in-class conversations, would greatly improve students' fluency rates.Flashcards allow you to add images to support learning on any topic- math forumlae, literary quotes, art history, or historical dates.

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    Teaching with Notes
    Notes can be used by students for a variety of reasons such as jotting down key points in class or as they study, summary notes when reading essays or when exams are approaching - even when preparing for projects or essays. Though Notes may seem like an individual endeavour, we think they work best when they are shared by teachers and students. Students often divide course work and pool their knowledge to save time - all  we've done is streamline the process so that teachers can get involved too!  How teachers use the Note function is entirely up to them, but we have noticed that most teachers use our Notes as lesson summaries that they share with the class before or after each lesson.The great thing about our Notes tool is that it's not just text: you can also supplement written content with videos, images, audio, and links to other resources. This means your Note can be a gateway to a whole host of  the best in online information. 

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    Teaching with Slides
    The Slides Maker tool brings together all your content in one format to create visually engaging learning resources.  As with Notes,  teachers can use it to create  learning summaries that they can share with the class before or after any lesson. Slides are interactive and a truly engaging resource for the modern student. If you share it with your class they can take a copy and add their own resources, additional info or analysis.GoConqr’s Slides are easy to create and include various styles and templates so you can organise your class lessons in the blink of an eye. Slides gives you the freedom to review all your content from the same place then present it to your class. Essentially, when used by teachers, Slides  act as prompts or a nudge in the right direction. They provide students with a foundation on which to build.

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    Teaching with Quizzes
    Most people, I'm sure, are familiar with quizzes! Some may even have some deep-seated trauma relating to pop-quizzes! However, we think our Quiz tool can be used for a bit of fun! This may sound counter-intuitive but having your class take a quiz online will bring out their competitive streak.Having GoConqr online and a  social structure to back up your quizzes will make them even more engaging as students create and challenge one another on quizzes they've created themselves. It could even be homework - whoever creates the best quiz wins!While taking a quiz you created yourself can be fun and assist study, it is much more fun to take a quiz that someone else has created. In this way some competition can be useful in getting to learn key topics.Having the option to share a quiz with a class or a group can be a great way of increasing engagement.

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    Teaching with Flowcharts
    Flowcharts are used to document processes or to model systems.They are particularly useful in business related subjects and in Computer Science.However, they can also be used for any sort of process, to outline possibilities and highlight decision points.You could use it to highlight possible career trajectories, and education  and experience pathways required to reach particular outcomes.

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    Use GoConqr Groups
    While our other tools allow you to create resources, our Study Groups are more focused on bringing teachers and students together so they can share and discuss resources. This is where the fun begins and ideas take on a life of their own!Anyone can set up a group and become a member of as many as they like, including our subject-specific Public Groups. So as a teacher you could set up a group for each of your classes. You could then share appropriate resources with each class and also start discussion threads in each group. This could be a great way of increasing engagement, generate ideas and act as a way of flipping the classroom.The concept of the flipped classroom is one which we think could work very well with GoConqr tools as learners could easily share a resources with a class group. They could then study these from home, thereby transforming class time into a more workshop-type environment dedicated to discussion, collaboration and addressing each students' needs.

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    GoConqr Courses
    GoConqr Courses allows you to present content in a structured manner.You can add context by putting headings and directions between resources. You can specify the sequence in which content must be viewed and even set a minimum score that must be achieved before progression to the next element in the Course.As you can add to a Course over time, it can provide a very valuable revision tool for students, as well as providing a complete content delivery mechanism.Courses can be shared in Groups that you are an admin of, or by sharing the link with students.
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