Application of technology in learning


Exploration of Technology in learning, in preparation for presentation and report
Jeff Wall
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Jeff Wall
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Application of technology in learning
  1. What technologies exist
    1. VLE
      1. Moodle
        1. Blackboard
          1. Collarborate
          2. Simulated worlds
            1. Second Life
            2. Hardware
              1. Tablets
                1. iTunesU
                2. Smart phones
                  1. IWB
                    1. Desktop pc
                      1. Laptop
                        1. Voice recorders
                          1. Camera equipment
                          2. Social networks
                            1. LinkedIN
                              1. Facebook
                                1. Twitter
                                  1. Instagram
                                    1. YouTube
                                    2. Internet
                                      1. Web based applications
                                        1. Office applications
                                          1. Games
                                          2. Email
                                            1. Skype
                                              1. Cloud based storage
                                                1. Educational search engines and databases
                                                  1. Google Scholar
                                                    1. Library research databases
                                                      1. eJournals
                                                      2. Media archives
                                                      3. Programming
                                                        1. Coding languages
                                                          1. App development tools
                                                        2. What technologies are emerging that can be applied to learning
                                                          1. Wearable technologies
                                                            1. Google Glass
                                                            2. Augmented reality
                                                              1. Mobile and tablet apps
                                                                1. See also wearable technologies
                                                                2. Assistive technologies
                                                                  1. Robots
                                                                  2. New virtual worlds
                                                                  3. How is education evolving to utilise new technologies
                                                                    1. Core curriculum changes
                                                                      1. Increasing programming skills
                                                                        1. Specialist trainers/teachers
                                                                        2. Resistance from staff
                                                                          1. do not see the point - "I've always done it this way"
                                                                            1. Fear and miss-conceptions
                                                                          2. What ethical questions, does the use of technology raise
                                                                            1. Access to technology
                                                                              1. working class families may not be able to invest in new technology
                                                                                1. Provider policies covering access
                                                                                  1. Who provides technology
                                                                                    1. Where does the funding come from to purchase
                                                                                      1. Training of staff and learners
                                                                                        1. Who manages the time set out for groups of learners - limited resources
                                                                                        2. Are new technologies all suitable for disabled learners?
                                                                                        3. Exposure to unsuitable environments
                                                                                          1. Parental supervision
                                                                                        4. community learning
                                                                                          1. Peer to peer interactions
                                                                                            1. Family
                                                                                            2. Government requirements in teaching of technology
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