Online Teaching and Learning


Unit Two Summary Mind Map
Shawna LeBouthil
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Online Teaching and Learning
  1. Pedagogy
    1. Behaviorism (Conditioning)
      1. Authoritative Instructional Design
        1. Testing
          1. Recall/Knowledge Demonstration
            1. Fact Recalling
          2. Constructivism (Construct Meaning from Experience)
            1. Facilitator Instructional Design
              1. Collaborative Learning
                1. Problem/Case Base Learning
                  1. Reflective Practice
                    1. Experiential Learning and Scaffolding
                  2. Connectivism (Learning to Learn through Connections)
                    1. Facilitator Instructional Design
                      1. Critical Analysis
                        1. Peer Discussion
                          1. Autonomous Learning
                            1. Utilization of telecommunication and technologies
                          2. Cognitivism (Processing and Storing)
                            1. Facilitator Instructional Design
                              1. Problem-based Learning
                                1. Analogies and Summaries
                                  1. Conceptual Models
                                    1. Mind Maps
                                      1. Use of Preferred Multiple Intelligences
                                  2. Learning Styles
                                    1. Learner Needs
                                      1. Student-Centered Course Design
                                        1. Adaptable Multimedia
                                          1. Inclusive and Accessible
                                            1. Complementary Eclectic Pedagogic Approach
                                            2. Personal and Situational Variables
                                              1. Instructor's Role
                                                1. Build upon Learner Experience
                                                  1. Adapt to Learners Needs (Age, Physical Limitations, etc)
                                                    1. Provide Choice/Alternatives
                                                      1. Encourage Personal Growth and Development
                                                  2. Emotions
                                                    1. Isolation
                                                      1. Establish a Sense of Community
                                                        1. Instructor's Role
                                                          1. Enhance communication and Interactions
                                                            1. Instructor to Learner Interaction
                                                              1. Telephone Contact
                                                                1. Biography with Pictures
                                                                  1. Personalized Introductory Email
                                                                    1. Scheduled Video Meeting
                                                                    2. Learner to Learner Interaction
                                                                      1. Informal Chat Rooms (Coffee Room)
                                                                        1. Student Introductions
                                                                          1. Peer Mentors
                                                                    3. Collaborative Learning
                                                                      1. Group-based Learning
                                                                  2. Kolb's Four Learner Types
                                                                    1. Diverger
                                                                      1. Experience and Observation (Feeling and Watching)
                                                                      2. Assimilator
                                                                        1. Observation and Conceptualization (Watching and Thinking)
                                                                        2. Converger
                                                                          1. Conceptualization and Experimentation (Doing and Thinking)
                                                                          2. Accomodator
                                                                            1. Experimentation and Experience (Doing and Feeling)
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