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Inclusive education
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Inclusive Education STUDY UNIT 1 Describe inclusive education in your own words We accept ordinary and disabled learners, learners with behavioural problems and with difficulties. We attempt to change their behaviour, and improve the circumstances and opportunities. What is the difference between mainstream education and inclusion? Mainstream education · Get learners to fit in particular system · Give extra support so learners can fit into a normal classroom routine. · Focus on changes that need to be made in learners so they can fit in. Inclusion · Recognize and respect differences in learners and build on their similarities · Focus on learners, teachers and program as a whole to meet the needs of learners · Focus on adoptions and support systems in the classroom Why do we use the term “learners who is experiencing barriers the learning” instead of “learners with special educational needs” · “Special needs” refer to the needs of a learner or the system that should be addressed however “barriers” refers to that which is preventing the learner from optimal progress e.g. physical, emotional, intellectual barriers, curriculum barrier or learning centre barriers. These barriers must be decreased, removed or prevented. · We need to shift from the “need” of the learner to the “barriers” that the learner may experience to learning. · Before we can tackle the problem of interrupted education we must focus on the nature, cause and manifestation of these barriers only then can we see how and where the system can change in order for inclusive education to take place.

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