Putting Project-Based Learning into Practice


Putting Project-Based Learning into Practice with GoConqr
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    Step 1: The Problem
    Caption: : Project Based Learning Explained
    In a typical Problem-Based Learning process, the teacher presents an open case to the class. A good example would be:A woman with type AB blood gives birth to a child with blood type O. Six years later she gives birth to a second type-O child.This case appears to contradict Mendelian inheritance, which the students will be obliged to thoroughly review, but it also demands that they examine of meiosis, gametogenesis, fertilization, and early development in order to propose some credible explanatory mechanisms.

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    Step 2: Brainstorm
    The next step involves a brainstorm process that includes the whole classroom. In that process, students will come up with facts (what they know), ideas (related thoughts and hypotheses), learning issues (what they need to know more about) and actions (what they need to do). Here is where GoConqr comes into play as its mind mapping tool is the perfect resource to structure this brainstorming process in a coherent and visually compelling way.

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    Step 3: Create Groups
    Next, students should break up in small groups of 4 or 5 in order to do some research and move towards a common solution. GoConqr can easily facilitate this kind of collaboration through its Study Groups option, which offers a number of functions that foster collaborative learning, such as discussion threads, polls, group analytics and resource sharing.
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    Step 4: Presentation
    Finally, a project-based learning process finishes with a group presentation in which students must sum up their learning. GoConqr’s Slides are perfect for this. The Slide maker tool offers a great variety of pre-designed templates that allow for the inclusion of media elements to support their findings such as videos, images, mind maps, flashcards, notes and quizzes.
    Caption: : Example of GoConqr Slides

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    Common Problems
    In a case study carried out by the Georgia Institute of Technology, most issues related to project-based learning boil down to student freedom. Students’ rates of progression may seem slow. Some students might even struggle to stay on-target. In addition, teachers unfamiliar with PBL might lose confidence and feel they are no longer in charge of students’ learning.
    In order to tackle these common problems, teachers must monitor the progress of each study group so they can intervene if and when necessary.That intervention can take several forms. For instance, they could start a discussion thread or drop hints by sharing study resources. In the previous example, the teacher could share a deck of flashcards about meiosis so students realise they have to increase their focus on that area.
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