Biology 1 Keeping Healthy Core GCSE


Biology 1 Keeping Healthy Core GCSE
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What is meant by a 'Balanced Diet' A healthy diet that includes all of the things needed to keep the body healthy
Why do people need different amounts of energy? Because the metabolic rate varies from person to person.
What happens when the energy intake is less than the energy used? The person will lose mass
What do you need more of if you are more physically active ? Energy (food)
What is the metabolic rate? The chemical reaction in cells
What happens if you eat more food (take in more energy) then needed? You become overweight/ your mass will increase
What can obesity lead to? Type 2 diabetes
What does exercise do? Help the body stay healthy
What does inherited factors effect? Metabolic rate and cholesterol levels
What are Pathogens? Micro-organisms that cause infectious disease
What do pathogens tend to be? Bacteria or viruses
What reproduces rapidly and may produce toxins? Pathogens
What does viruses do? reproduce inside cells and damage them
What does washing your hands do? Remove pathogens
What doctor discovered the removal of pathogens by washing your hands? Dr.Semmelweiss
How does bacteria or viruses make you feel ill? They produce toxins
How does the body prevent pathogens from entering? The skin, mucus and stomach acid
How does the body get rid of pathogens once they have got into the body? White blood cells
Name the 3 things white blood cells do Ingest Pathogens → produce antibodies→ produce antitoxins to counteract toxins
What is the job of some 'medicines' To relieve the symptoms of the disease but not kill the pathogens that cause it
What does antibiotics do? Cure bacterial diseases by killing the bacteria inside your body
What can antibiotics NOT destroy? Viruses
Why are viruses difficult to destroy? Because they reproduce inside the body cells
How is bacteria grown? On agar Jelly
Why must all the materials and equipment be sterilised? To ensure that unwanted microorganisms do not infect the culture
What can uncontaminated cultures be used for? to investigate the effect of antibiotics and disinfectants on the bacteria
The air contains microorganisms, what must we do to keep the bacterial culture pure? The microorganims from the air must be killed or prevented from entering the culture
What happens if a pathogen changes by mutation? The new strain may spread rapidly
What can new strains cause? epidemics and pandemics
How have some bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics? Natural selection
What is given to immune people from diseases? A wide range of vaccines
What does a vaccine contain? Dead or inactive pathogens
What does vaccines encourage? The white blood cells to produce antibodies to destroy the pathogens?
What does vaccines protect? Individuals and society from the effects of disease
Why has the treatment of disease changed? Our understanding of antibiotics and and immunity has increased
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