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key words from unit 2 gcse biology keeping healthy
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Bacteria Single cell microorganisms with no nucleus
Fungi group of organisms which includes mushrooms and yeast
virus tiny microorganism with a very simple structure that is reliant on using cells as machinery to reproduce
immune system Body's defense system against infection and disease it consists of white blood cells and antibodies
white blood cell type of cell that fights infection
antibody produces white blood cells to inactivate disease causing microorganisms
antigen a marker on the surface of a disease causing microorganism
natural immunity to remain unaffected by a specific disease
side affect condition caused as a result of taking medication
mutation spontaneous change in the genetic code of a cell
antimicrobial chemical that kills bacteria,virus and fungi
clinical trial process of testing a medical treatment or medicine on human volunteers for safety and effectiveness
artery muscular blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
vein blood vessel carries blood towards heart
capillary blood vessel that connects arteries to veins were the exchange of material takes place
epidemiological study study of the factors affecting health and illness of a population
homeostatis maintenance of constant internal enviroment
hormone regulatory substance that stimulates cells or tissues into action
anti diuretic hormone (ADH) hormone that controls concentration of urine
hypothalamus part of brain responsible for maintaining homeostatis
pituitary gland small gland at base of brain that produces hormones
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