Key Battles of the Somme campaign, 1914-1918 Unit 9.6


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  • October 1914Battle of Ypres (first)
  • April 1915Battle of Ypres (Second)
  • May 1915Battle of Festubert
  • February to August 1916Battle of Verdun
  • July to November 1916Battle of the Somme : The allies launched a massive bombardment which aimed to weaken the German trenches and allow the troops to capture the territory. However, this plan failed because the German Trenches withstood heavy bombardment, and also because the allied bombardment stopped early.
  • July 1916Battle of the Fromelles: Despite the initial capture of about 1000m of territory, the battle was not a success. Although the Australians managed to damage a section of the enemy trenches during the bombardment, the lines were not destroyed, which resulted in the death of many allies.
  • July to September 1916Battle of Pozieres: The allies bombarded the town and then used gas to attack the Germans there. Later, after the bombardment, the Australians charged themselves to the enemy, capturing the town within 24 hours. in retaliation, the Germans started to bombard the town, which then was interpreted by the Australians and responded by increasing their bombardment. The Germans tried several attempts to capture the town, but ended up unsuccessful.
  • July 1917Battle of Ypres (Third)
  • July 1918Battle of Hamel: The Australians began the attack on 4 July with the element of surprise. The artillery did their work by destroying their supply lines, and offering cover for the infantry troops from enemy fire. They were also aided by the smoke and dust that was created by the artillery. Planes were used for communicating and investigating, as they had identical maps compared to those with the commanders on land.Fighting continued for the next two days.
  • August 1918Battle of Amiens
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