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Cultural Regions areas in which people share cultural traits
Formal Region A region defined by a physical trait
functional region defined by political or social service
Perceptual Region Based off people's stereotypes
Distance Decay Father away something gets from its hearth the less frequent that thing becomes
Environmental determinism Theory that the environment controls the development of human mental qualities
Possibilism The view that humans can change the environment in a good or bad way
Peter's Map distorted shape especially Africa
Robinson's Map Oval shape used the most in education
Mercator's Map Greenland and Asia will look huge
Polar Map map that airplanes use
GPS tells you how to get to a certain location with satellites
GIS system that collects lots of different data for a huge map
Arithmetic Density The number of people per unit of land
Physiological Density the number of people per unit of arable land
Agricultural Density Number of farmers on arable land
Arable Land farming land
Population pyrimads shows the difference in sex and age of how is dying
Population Pyramid stages
Demographic Transition Model
Demographic Transition Model part 2 stage 1: high birth rate and death rate stage 2: birth rate is the same and death rate goes down stage 3: birth and death rate go down a lot stage 4: both birth and death rate are extremely low
CBR crude birth rate
CDR crude death rate
RNI rate of natural increase
doubling time the time it takes for a population to double
TFR total fertility rate
IMR infant mortality rate
life expectancy average age someone is expected to live
Cornucopian Theory Humans will grow enough to innovate new technologies to get more food
Malthusian Population Theory the Human race will outgrow all natural resources
Emigration leaving a country
immigration Going in a country
Ravenstein's laws of migration 1. short distances 2. migrants move to migrants 3. arrival and movement 4. people move away from immigrants 5/6. most move to urban cities 7. Women move inside a country men move out
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