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Explore a world of possibilities with GoConqr's Flashcards tool (Click to turn over) You can add images to the front and back, change card colours, and format your text, using the toolbar in edit mode.
Flashcards are great for memorising vocabulary, quotes, definitions etc. Put a prompt on the front of the card... ... and your answer on the back
Measure your progress - simply mark what you know and what you don't know. You can see your results at the end of the deck
Need to improve? Try again... You can chose to hide the cards you already know the next time you review the flashcard deck
You can even input complex formulas using LaTex (check out our FAQs for more info) \begin{array}{*{20}c} {x = \frac{{ - b \pm \sqrt {b^2 - 4ac} }}{{2a}}}\\ \end{array}
Download the GoConqr apps for iOS and Android... Keep learning on the go
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