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When did ancient history begin? Ancient history began when humans began to produce written records.
In early civilization what were some of the earliest evidence? Some of the earliest evidence were religion, commerce, culture, law and buildings
The time frame before civilisation is known as what? The time before civilisation was known as pre history
The first civilisation were those of what? The first cicilisation were those of summer,eygpt and india.
Why is history important? History is important because it teaches the understanding of the past and can help people understand why things are the way they are.
The UNESCO strives to do what? The UNESCO strives to encourage the identification ,protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage.
The convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage,which was adopted in witch year? The cultural and natural heritage was adopted in 1972.
How many countries have signed the convention? 180 countries have signed the convention.
What do Historians,Archaeologist,Organisations think about history? They all believe that our preservation of our past is very important.
What do Organisations believe? They believe that places and objects of historical interest should be preserved.
Why do Organisations believe this? They think it should be preserved for future generations.
The world heritage consists of how many sites? the world heritage list currently consist of 911 sites.
when was the British museum established ? The British museum was established in 1753
where is the British museum? The British museum is in London at United Kingdom.
The British museum has how many objects in its catalogue? The British museum has more than 7 million objects in its catalogue.
How many employs in the museum? There are more than 1000 staff employs.
How many visitors per year in the museum? Over 5 million visitors per year.
How big is the museum? It is five times the size of the Colosseum in Rome?
What is the largest library in the world? Washington D.C is the largest library in the world.
How many books does the Washington D.C contain? It contains more than 32 million books.
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