Cold War Dates


dates of key cold war events
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Teheran Conference 1943
Moscow Meeting and Percentages Agreement 1944
Yalta Conference 1945
Potsdam Conference 1946
Non-Communists win free elections in Hungary - Rakosi begins salami tactics 1945
Iron Curtain and Long Telegram 1946
Non-Communists win elections in Czechoslovakia 1946
Non-Communists did well in Bulgaria 1946
Communists win elections in Romania 1946
Rigged elections gave communists power in Poland 1947
Truman Doctrine 1947
Marshall Plan announced 1947
Kennan's Article 'X' published 1947
Non-communists persecuted in Bulgaria 1947
Communists dominated elections in Hungary 1947
Cominform 1947
Communists came to power in Czechoslovakia under threat of Soviet invasion 1948
Berlin Blockade begins 1948
Comecon 1949
Formation of NATO 1949
Russians stand down from Berlin Blockade 1949
Creation of Federal Republic of Germany September 1949
Creation of German Democratic Republic October 1949
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