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Ideas About Disease Middle Ages The church taught prayer and devotion to God and Christ as a way to heal themselves, The church discouraged the dissection of bodies, on the bases of religious grounds. The church dominated the people's ideas about disease and illness Church mostly taught Hippocrates and Gallon's theories, as they fit with the Christian religious doctrine of the time.
Explanations for disease Middle Ages The explanations of the time where still form the 1st century, mostly using Hippocrates and Gallen's theories. Because of the stagnation after the 1st century, there were very few medical breakthroughs. The main explanations for the time where; @Four Humor's @Astroligy @Religion/God @Misama/bad air(It wasn't called this until the renaissance so it would just be bad air) @Theory of opposites
Prevention and treatment Middle Ages All of the prevention and treatment was based on the explanations of the time (look to flashcard before this one) Prevention; @Pruafcation of air (using mostly herbs) @Pillgramage @Exacise @Prayer @Flagellant (Self-punishment) Treatment; @Blood letting @Prugeing @Praer @Pillgrmage @Flagellant (self-punishment) @Baithing
Caring for Ill Middle Ages In England in the middle ages there where many hospitals, around 1200 in all, they were mostly situated in population centres and where run by the church. Most of the time hospitals would cast out the infectious patients, but there where some specialist hospitals would take people with an infectious disease, and other things. E.g. leprosy, mental illness, infectious diseases, etc. People who treat the sick: @Barber surgeon @Aphocary @Physitian @Home care (usually woman)
The Black Death (1348-9) Middle Ages The Black death is thought to be bubonic by most historians. It killed over 1/3 of the population of England at the time, and to some, it was thought of as the apocalypse, a punishment from God, miasma, outsider and jews. What they thought caused it: @Misma @God @Four Humor's @Jews @Outsiders @The eruption of a volcano What they thought treated and prevented it: @Prayer @Herbs @Isolation @Theory of opposites @bloodleting and purging
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