American West - Key Dates


American West - Key Dates
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1820 A 14 year old boy,Joseph Smith, prays for guidance from God.
1827 Joseph Smith has a visitation by an Angel called Moroni about Gold Plates.
1830 The Book of Mormon was published.
1837 Great Financial Crisis Banks collapsed and the Mormons were chased out. Smith would not lead his Mormons West.
27th June 1844 Joseph Smith dies after Polygamy "revelation". He was shot dead as he tried to escape from jail. Brigham Young was the new leader of the Mormons and chose to lead them West, to Great Salt Lake where they settled successfully. This was an important turning point for the Mormons.
1847 Arrived in Salt Lake City
1848/9 Gold Rush 1848-9 Forty-Niners!
1851 First Fort Laramie Treaty
1862 The Homestead Act.
1864 The Massacre of Sand Creek
1866 First Cattle Drives Established
1868 Second Fort Laramie Treaty
1869 The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad It cut the westward travel time from six months to one week.
1876 The Battle of the Little Bighorn.
1876 The Battle of the Little Bighorn.
1887 The end of the Open Range.
1890 The Battle of Wounded Knee and Ghost Movement.
1640 Indians started using horses to travel and fight.
1890 Indians defeated - on reservations
1845 The phrase "Manifest Destiny" was started by John O'Sullivan of the New York Times.
1873 Timber Culture Act
1877 Desert Land Act
1861-1865 Civil War
1874 Wind Pump - Daniel Halliday Barbed Wire - Joseph Gliddon Sod Buster - John Deere
1865-70 Charles Goodnight
1889 Jim Averill and Ella Watson, two homesteaders, were lynched by Cattle Barons
1892 Johnson County War
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