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    Welcome to GoConqr
    Are you ready to transform your learning into an active process?In this quick guide, we'll help you understand what GoConqr is all about and get the most out of all your tools in 3 simple steps.In addition, you'll find a link to another more detailed guide in which we show you how to create study resources step by step and use additional features.Let's get started! (Click on the arrow on the bottom right to continue)..
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    Step 1: Discover
    GoConqr allows you to discover study resources that have been published by teachers and students from more than 140 countries around the world so you can learn from their work. To do this, simply enter what you want to search in the header search bar.In addition, in your wall of activity we will suggest learning resources and study groups so that you always have resources to inspire you and people with whom to interact.If you consider that a resource is relevant to your learning, you can add it to your personal library by 'pinning' it to your Subject folder.To the right of this section you have some examples of learning resources created with GoConqr. The Slide Set is a more detailed guide to using the platform.

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    Step 2: Create
    GoConqr provides a number of tools that will help you create your own learning resources. To access them, simply click the Create button and select a resource type from the menu (see image).You will find that different resource types are useful for different subjects and learning styles. Mind Maps are particularly useful for curriculum mapping and brainstorming, while Flashcards are great for memorizing snippets of information.You can also create a course, which pulls together a bundle of resources that you have created or that other GoConqr users have created and  you have discovered .
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    Step 3: Share
    Learning is a much more effective experience when done in a social and collaborative way. For this reason, GoConqr has numerous functions so you can invite your classmates or colleagues, create a learning group and share your knowledge and resources.GoConqr Groups are a learning environment in which to discuss topics, conduct polls, and share  materials with others interested in the same topics as you. You can request to join public groups, or create private groups for your friends.All the resources created with GoConqr can be shared both inside and outside the platform. So you can easily embed a resource in a blog or website, or share via social media. Simply click on the actions button (folder+cog), when you are in edit mode.
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