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Find out how online Flashcards can help you improve your GCSE revision
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    How to Use Flashcards for your GCSEs
    GCSE Students use learning tools such as Flashcards to summarise study notes. Flashcards give you a quick way to digest an entire topic by boosting your memory. They are one of the most versatile study tools you can incorporate into your learning routine. There are lots of possibilities that you probably haven’t even thought of which will help you use flashcards to revise for your GCSEs. From creating vibrant presentations to improving your productivity, there are various ways which you can use to make studying an easier process using flashcards.
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    Presentations & Visual Study Resources
    Presentations: Shake up your presentation or class discussion and impress your classmates with Online Flashcards. Pack your flashcards full of key ideas, terms and definitions to make them a useful resource you can share with your classmates. Visual Study Aids: If you’re a visual learner who prefers to use images and colour for your revision, see how online Flashcards can work for you. Try creating decks with different backgrounds, fonts and colours plus adding useful images where you can.
    Caption: : Flashcards are a versatile study tool as you can mix them into your study routine for all of your GCSE subjects.

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    Revision and Collaboration
    Quick Revision: Year 11 students face many challenges throughout the year including lots of class tests to help you prepare for your GCSEs. Refresh your memory before a test by using flashcards to rapidly digest your notes. Collaboration: Along with being a quick way to revise, flashcards can save you even more time by dividing your workload by sharing and collaborating with your classmates. This is a great way to gain insight from others and build on a topic together.

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    Reviewing & Productivity
    Reviewing Topics: Flashcards are proven to improve your long-term memory using the theory of spaced repetition. This practice involves learning a topic and re-visiting it at set intervals to test yourself. Spaced repetition is effective when you regularly review your notes using flashcards. Think of it as a fun process by rewarding yourself for doing well. Improve Productivity: This quick-fire way of revising means that you are using your time in the best possible way. This is important; optimising your time running up to exams is key to getting the grade you want.

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    Learning on-the-go: As you can access your online flashcards using your desktop, phone, tablet or other mobile device, they are always with you. Whether you’re on a bus home or waiting in a queue, there’s no excuse not to dig into your biology definitions! These are some of the main ways you can use online flashcards to boost your GCSE revision. Luckily most of these activities can be applied to learning all of your GCSE subjects making them an even more powerful study aid.
    Learning on-the-go
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