Teaching students to be digitally literate


In the digital age there is more information being generated each day than ever before. Learn how you can get students to interact, create and act responsibly online with this handy slide set.
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    Tips for teaching digital literacy
    Reading and writing have long been important skills for schools to impart in students, and they are now more important than ever.Why? Because people are now reading and writing more than at any time in the past. After all, technological devices now give more people access to more information, and also allow them to communicate with others no matter where they are.So here are some tips to help educators prepare their students for digital literacy in the modern world. 

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    Get them to critically interact with content
    Because the sheer volume of information online is so vast, getting your students to respond to it critically is vital to allowing them to get the most from their online experience.Break down key markers of quality, purpose and credibility: Is the information well presented? Where does the information come from? Is the information biased or neutral and why is this important? Does the content use media well? Is the content attempting to appeal to viewers' emotions or intellect? Does it succeed and, if so, why?

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    Encourage creativity in students
    To help students understand the media they are digesting every day, encourage them to create content of their own. Get them to take ownership of the material they create and ask them to consider what kinds of additional material might support their content, such as: Videos Blog posts Images Audio By giving students the flexibility to discover new resources, they can explore new tools, features, functionalities and potential uses.

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    Teach students to be responsible digitally
    Democracy is at the heart of online activity. People are free to express their opinions, thoughts, feelings and ideas.However, teachers should encourage students to think about the consequences of their online actions. Words may be more plentiful now, but that doesn't mean they are any less powerful. Ask students to think about the intention of the content they create and read. Is it productive or destructive? Is it original or derivative? What value does it offer?Ask them to also consider questions regarding usage: How much time should they spend online? When and where is it appropriate to use a digital device?

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    Never before has there been so much information available to us. Material in the digital age is created, shared and read at an incredible rate on an ever-growing range of devices. In addition, almost all content that is created digitally can be accessed by others around the world. This has had a huge impact on how we learn, work and socialise. As a result, digitally literacy is essential - to have a voice, to stay informed and to feel a greater sense of inclusion and connection. However, putting one's new digital skills and technologies to use also requires a sense of discretion and personal responsibility. Educators have a crucial part to play in imparting not only knowledge in using digital technologies, but also in instilling in their students the principles that will ensure that these technologies are used productively.  
    Living in the digital world
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